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Portrayed by

Doug Bradley



First Appearance


Latest Appearance

Hellraiser: Hellworld

Also Known As

Hell Priest

Xipe Totec (real name)

Character HistoryEdit

Past LifeEdit


Elliott Spenser

He wasn't always Pinhead. In fact, he was once human. He was born Elliott Spencer around the early 1900's and was in a time of war where those that didn't die drank themselves to death. He was an explorer of forbidden pleasures. He opened the box and that was his final act of exploration and discovery.

Becoming PinheadEdit

Hell took him, placed nails in his head, and suppressed his memory of his former life. He was now evil and loyal to Hell. He was accompanied by the Female, Butterball, and Chatterer Cenobites. His job was to take whoever solved the box to Hell to make them experience their "pleasures".

In The FilmsEdit

The statue was bought by a night club owner named J.P. Monroe. The statue came back to life after Monroe reached his hand into the broken part of the statue, when a rat living inside bit his hand. Monroe cried in pain, swinging his hand from side to side trying to get the rat off, accidentally sprayed the statue with his blood. The blood seeped into a stoned Pinheads mouth, and gave life to the statue.

Pinhead, not yet capable of moving anything but his eyes and mouth, became aware of his situation and knew he needed more flesh to free himself from the statue. In total silence, he closely watch and studied Monroe and read his thoughts and emotions. Soon after, Monroe invited a young woman to his den where they had intercourse, unknowing that Pinhead was watching the whole time. After Monroe was completely satisfied, the young woman observed his room and his paintings. The woman thinking that they had a relationship, angered Monroe and yelled at her to get out. Angry and reckless the woman stormed across his room to give him a piece of her mind but got to close to the statue, and Pinhead attacked her, consuming the woman's body.

He managed to bribe Monroe into giving him two bodies that will help him get out of the statue, and once he got out, he started killing people and creating his army of pseudo-cenobites. The other side of Pinhead which is Elliott Spencer was in a limbo between Heaven and Hell, combines himself with Pinhead, and is sent back to hell by Joey Summerskill. In order to prevent any more destruction, Joey goes to a construction site and places the box in wet cement which will dry over it.

Sometime in the future, the demonic princess Angelique frees him. The events of Hellraiser: Inferno, Hellseeker, Deader, Hellworld, and Revelations then occur. He appeared again, but this time in the distant future, he was locked in a room on a space ship, and in order to free himself, he imitated a girl's voice which forced one of the soldiers to open and save her. But Dr. Paul Merchant sent him to hell by blowing up the space ship. Pinhead was then destroyed and the gateway to hell was permanently closed. 

Pinhead Blueprints

Pinhead Blueprints

Memorable QuotesEdit

  • "Welcome to Hell."
  • "We have such sights to show you.
  • "Amen."
  • "Ahh, Kirsty, so eager to play…so reluctant to admit it."
  • "No tears, please. It's a waste of good suffering."
  • "The box. You opened it, we came."
  • "We'll tear your soul apart."
  • "I AM pain."
  • "Your suffering will be legendary, even in Hell."


  • In the first few films, Pinhead did not have a name, he was titled "Lead Cenobite." It was the fans who concieved the name "Pinhead," which Clive Barker disliked.
  • Despite being the iconic villain of the franchise, Pinhead is rarely the main antagonist.

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