Female Cenobite
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First Appearence


Latest Appearence

Hellbound: Hellraiser II

Portrayed by

Grace Kirby (Hellraiser)
Barbie Wilde (Hellraiser II)

Female Cenobite is a character from the Hellraiser series. She was a follower of Pinhead.


Early LifeEdit

Sister Nikoletta was a nun who was very interested in sin. Soon it was all she desired and it made her obsessed. One day a man looking for a place to stay gave her the Lament Configuration after sensing her desires. It has been said that once she opened the box the Grillard cenobite came and began her transformation. As per Barbie Wilde's story in "Hellbound Hearts", he "used" each of her holes and finally took her to Hell.

Physical AppearenceEdit

She is shaved bald, has a nail put through her nose and wires jutting out of her cheeks then splitting into six, each piece holding open a different part of her neck. She also has some cuts on her sides.

In the Novella, she is the only Cenobite whose gender is discernible, and her mutilations are further described:

"It was the fourth Cenobite, the one that had never spoken, nor shown its face. Not it he now saw: but she. The hood it had worn had been discarded, as had the robes. The woman beneath was gray yet gleaming, her lips bloody, her legs parted so that the elaborate scarification of her pubis was displayed. She sat on a pile of rotting human heads, and smiled in welcome."

The FilmsEdit


Female made her debut in Hellraiser. After Kirsty solved the puzzle box, she arrived with Pinhead and Chatterer with the intention of taking Kirsty to hell with them. Female was sent back to hell when Kirsty solved the box again.

Hellbound: Hellraiser IIEdit

Female returned in Hellraiser II. After Kirsty and Julia enter hell through the puzzle box, they eventually meet with the cenobites. Before "experiencing her flesh", they allow Kirsty to wander around for a while. As Kirsty encounters them again, she shows Pinhead a picture of his human form and reminds the others that they have not always been cenobites. Female and the others are later sealed in the Pillar of Souls by Dr. Channard.


Human Female Cenobite


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