Get to the ship!

Portrayed by

Paul Perri



First Appearance

Hellraiser: Bloodline

Last Appearance

Hellraiser: Bloodline

Edwards was a character from Hellraiser: Bloodline . He was the Commanding-officer of the Security commandos who were hired by the Government.

Hellraiser: BloodlineEdit

Paul Perri played Edwards, who was sent to the MINOS space station that was located in deep space. His mission was to apprehend Dr. Paul Merchant and seace the station. His teamates were slained by Pinhead and his gang. Edwards tried contacting Carducci, but he was one of the casualties. So, Edwards, Rimmer and Merchant to head to the ship. He entered Merchant's cabin and grabed the Lament Configuration puzzle box from the demolished robot remains. He was stopped by the cenobitified-Angelique and Siamese-Twin cenobite. He tried solving the box to banish the demons to hell, but failed. Angelique-Cenobite snatched the box as Edwards sobbed. She ordered the Siamese-Twin cenobite to get rid of Edwards. So the cenobite crushed and absorbed him. Only his blooded uniform was left.