Dr. Philip Channard is the main antagonist of Hellbound: Hellraiser II. He was a psychiatrist who ran the Channard Institute, where patient Kirsty Cotton tells him about the Cenobites.

He is driven by his insatiable curiosity to learn the secrets of Hell.


Hellbound: Hellraiser IIEdit

At home, it is revealed that Channard has the mattress that Kirsty's step mother, Julia, died on. Channard's assistant Kyle sneaks in to his house to find that Channard was obsessed with the Lament Configuration box and the portal to Hell. Kyle watches as Channard brings back a patient from the ward as a sacrifice for Julia's resurrection. Channard brings Julia back more corpses for her to feed on, and she slowly reforms her body and gets her skin back. Kyle goes back and informs Kirsty about what he saw and that he now believes her. They go to the house together and Kirsty finds a picture of Elliot Spencer before he became Pinhead. Kyle runs into Julia and at first he has no idea who she is, before realizing too late. Julia and Kirsty finally meet again and Julia smacks Kirsty as Channard brings another victim, Tiffany, a mute girl that Kirsty befriended.

It is revealed that Tiffany isn't another victim but a tool Channard uses to open the box, who happens to be skilled in solving puzzles, and he uses her so he can experience Hell. The Cenobites are released but Pinhead stops the others from killing Tiffany, for he notes that it is not her desire that made her open the box but Channard's. Kirsty wakes up from being knocked out by Julia and, after seeing what has happened, heads for Hell with the box. Channard is eventually betrayed by Julia and turned into a Cenobite.

Kirsty and Tiffany make their escape back to the hospital but the Channard Cenobite finds them and gives chase. Kirsty encounters Pinhead, Butterball, Chatterer, and the Female Cenobite. Kirsty gives Pinhead the picture of Elliot Spencer and reminds them that they were all human at one time, until pain got the better of them. The Channard Cenobite arrives to capture Tiffany, while the remaining Cenobites all choose to protect Kirsty. Pinhead attacks Channard with chains but the doctor repels them with his tentacles and razors. Channard then begins shooting spears and kills the other three Cenobites (reverting them back to human form) and turns Pinhead's face into his human form, Elliot. Elliot smiles at Kirsty and allows her to escape before Channard slits his throat.

Tiffany tries to solve the puzzle, but Channard interferes and attacks both girls. Kirsty retreats. As Channard proceeds to stalk Tiffany, Julia reappears and distracts him long enough for Tiffany to solve the puzzle. As he tries to kill Tiffany, the Channard Cenobite is decapitated. Tiffany goes over the edge, but Julia catches her and pulls her up (but not before it is revealed that Kirsty has disguised herself in Julia's skin).


"And to think, I hesitated." - Hellraiser II

"The doctor is in." - Hellraiser II

"I recommend amputation" - Hellraiser II


  • In a flashback, a young Channard is shown mutilating a small animal which he presumably killed. This is a common sign of serious disorders like psychopathy.