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Gender Female
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Location Hell
Angelique is the princess of the labyrinith before becoming a cenobite. so far she is the only known demon to be turned into a cenobite.


Angelique was summoned by a weathly French man named Duc De L'Isle who killed a young woman and performed a ritual connecting the gateway between Earth and Hell using the puzzle box (Lament Configuration). the final step brought forth a demon servant with a requirment that a vessel this servant would use have minimal damaged skin from the sacrficed victim.

Jacques (De L'lsles' Assistant/Servant), since he helped in the ritual, can also control Angelique. Both decided to kill De L'lsle for Jacques own lust, who then has Angelique kill Phillipe Le' Marchant who returned to the mansion to retreave the puzzle box.

200 years later Angelique, who has kept Jacques alive, kills him for refusing to allow her permission to go to New York to investigate the Le' Marchant heir. When Angelique arrives in New York she discovers that Le' Marchant's heir, John, has unintentionally created a buliding similiar to the Lament Configuration which is potentially the largest gateway to Hell. She proceeds to call in reinforcements from Hell by sacrificing a man by having him solve the puzzle box but is surprised to see Pinhead emerge from the gateway, saying how things have changed since her absence from Hell.

Angelique and Pinhead form a plot to get John Merchant to use the building as a permant gateway to Hell.  Somewhere along the way they turn a pair of twin security guards into the Siamese Cenobites and used the Chatter Beast to hold John's wife and son hostage in order to get John to make the arragnments. John betrays them by attempting to trap them and is decapitated by one of Pinhead's chains, while John's wife manages to send all five Cenobites back to Hell.

At some point Pinhead turns Angelique into a Cenobite for her failure to manipluate John.

In 2127, the Cenobites are summoned to the space station Minos by Paul Merchant. The Cenobites manage to kill off  all the officers except Rimmer who, along with Paul, manage to destroy both the Cenobites and the gateway to Hell by using the Elysium Configuration which, as it turns out, was the entire space station.


"You stood in Hell's way!" - Bloodline


Prior to becoming a Cenobite, Angelique's apperance was that of an attracive young woman. Her demonic form was never shown in the film. It only showed her arm when she killed Jaque and her eyes going from normal to dark. When she is transformed into a Cenobite she was still in her human body but is now bald, with the skin peeled back exposing her skull and held down by wires. She also has hooks on the sides of her body (chest and stomach) and wears a tight leather dress rather than the standard Cenobite robes.


  • Hellraiser: Bloodline


  • In the alternative script after the ritual De 'L'lsle invites eight gamblers over to his home to play a game with Anglique, allowing them to try and solve the puzzle box. Which Anglique transformed them into Psuedo Cenobites. they were loyal to Angelique and killed one of Lemerchant's ancestors Auguste, turning his skin into a drum for their "clown act".
  • In the scene where Angelique summons Pinhead, she has a look of suprise on her face. It could be the possiliity that she was hoping to see her Clowns and or her pets.
  • Angelique is french for Angelic.

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